12 Reasons A Storage Shed Is Fit For You

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Buying a shed is a big purchase, there’s no denying that. So naturally, you are going to want to know why it is or why it is not a good idea to buy one for yourself. Sheds have many different applications and can serve many different purposes and you have to decide what purpose you want yours to serve. Hopefully, throughout this reading, you will be able to choose a few ideas for your own soon to be she shed, garden shed, or backyard gym!

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12 Quality Reasons To Buy A Storage Shed

1. Declutter Your Home!

Storage sheds offer a chance to free up space in your home allowing for a more functional and enjoyable home. I know for me clutter provides plenty of stress and anxiety, two things I want nothing to do with any longer than absolutely necessary. Your home is a place to enjoy your family and space without clutter and stress, two of the many problems a shed can solve.

cluttered room

2. Hide What Needs Hidden

A very common thing around  a household is that maybe you have some unattractive lawn equipment, tools, or other items that you would like hidden to tidy up your yard a little more. What a perfect way to use a shed! A double victory, organization and a stylish look all in one!

clean yard with shed.
Neat interior of a shed.

3. Keep Your Things Safe From The Weather

There are some cases where you may not have a garage, or maybe the problem is that your garage is getting filled to the brim and you need a place to keep your more important outside items safe from the weather. Perhaps you have some lawn equipment that you don’t want to lay out in the weather and get ruined. Your children’s bicycles may need a home of their own during the winter months or if you would like your patio furniture put away then it would be a great idea to use a shed.

bike in snow

4. Rain On The Thieves Parade

Unfortunately, in the world we live in from time to time, some people get sticky fingers and like to take off with things that have been left unattended. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have no other place to keep these things and have no other option but to leave them outside your home. This is another valuable reason to have a shed, to protect your valued items from the chance to be stolen off your property.

Anti theft picture on blog page.

5. Storage sheds add property Value?

Yes, that is correct! The addition of a storage shed, garden shed, or whatever else you choose to call it and use it for can it will add value to your property! Now if that isn’t a win-win then I don’t know what is. When you decide to sell your home later on down the road the shed will pay for itself with the value it added to your property.

Property value increase on blog page.

6.How about a workshed?

This one does not just go for the men out there either. Do you have a project you need to work on and maybe it takes you later into the evening and your spouse and kids are sleeping? What if you had a detached workshop in your backyard back away from the house where you could work without disturbing your family. Perhaps you would just like a personal workshop space for yourself because you don’t have one? Either way, a Storage shed would do the job for whatever you would need it for.

organized tool shed
Screw drivers on shed wall on blog page.

7. Want To Start A Garden?

This by far is definitely one of the most common ways to use a storage shed. A wonderful way to utilize a storage shed would be to transform it into your gardening shed perfect for all the garden messes and tools you would need to have a successful garden. And easy, close access to all the tools and supplies needed to do so!

garden tools
Beautiful garden and shed

8. Storage Sheds Are Easily Portable!

Let’s say down the road you move to a new home or maybe you purchase an additional home you will be living in primarily. If you are unwilling to part with your beautiful storage shed, lucky for you storage sheds are very easily transportable. You can take them wherever you choose to take them!

shed on truck

9. Very Customizable!

There are literally hundreds of ways to organize and customize storage sheds. You can arrange and customize the interior layout to just about any way you would desire to fit your needs and wants. There are many ideas on our website at Millers Outdoor Living we also have a 3D custom shed designer click below to customize your shed now!

Customize Your Shed In 3D!

Below are just a few of the many options available within the customizer for your soon to be shed…

10. No Mess No Stress!

Conveniently all of our storage sheds come prefabricated. So when your shed arrives at your home, all we have to do is set and place your shed wherever you want it on your property. Then you can enjoy and begin to customize your shed as soon as we pull out of your driveway! Because the buildings come pre-assembled, no mess no stress! This is just another courtesy we provide when you purchase a storage shed from Millers Outdoor Living!

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11. Perfect For A Home Gym!

Some people love going to the gym and some of us even enjoy having our own gym at home. The downside to having a gym inside a small house can be fitting it in with everyone’s schedule. If you have a detached storage shed to make into your own personal gym hut you could fit the gym into your schedule whenever it suited you!

Home gym on blog page.
kettle bells on blog page.

12. A More Economical Choice!

Having a contractor come and build a garage onto your home can cost on average about $27,000, whereas many storage sheds will cost less than $10,000. Sounds much more practical, now of course, these prices vary depending on what it is you are looking for.


$10,000 -

Based On What You Read Above

These are just a few ways to customize and use your brand-new storage shed. However, there are hundreds of more ways why a storage shed would be a great addition to your property! There is literally nothing stopping you from getting your custom-built storage shed when you want it and exactly how you want it built! The only thing left to do is decide what it is that you want and the purpose your shed will serve, and when you would like it done and specially delivered, and placed on your property. If you and your family are ready to experience a custom-fit storage shed of your own, Miller’s Outdoor Living is standing by, ready to deliver the quality you need in your new shed!